How to cow out of a cashback at Currys


Some of our content cows have been writing quality content for newspapers and magazines so far back they started out on typewriters. But no matter how old they are, they are always keen to keep up with technology. Hence the fact that one of them recently decided to acquire the latest MacBook Air and decided to buy it from Currys in Croydon where smiling salesman Neetham promised him a handsome 10 per cent cashback.

With one of terms of the cashback being that he was only allowed to claim online more than 21 days after the purchase, he found 22 days after purchase that his actual date of purchase somehow did not correspond with the receipt received in store. We all know the story: The computer says ‘NO!’

No problem, hit the “contact us” icon and mail, which turned out not to be that helpful. Most of it read something like this: Send us scans of till slips and scans of invoices and we might get back to you. A dozen emails fired back and forth like a ping-pong contest followed with the eventual definitive answer from “Stefano” of “Currys PC World Promotional Support”: “Cashback is not available on PC World Business extended range, online sales or in-store products ordered for delivery. Unfortunately you will be unable to submit a claim as your proof of purchase states that the device was ordered for delivery.”

This, our cow found rather bizarre, because he distinctly remember walking all the way to the store and leaving it with said MacBook Air in hand. More correspondence followed with Lori, Sophia and Daniel. All who seem to share the title “Currys PC World Promotional Support”.

When the emails started running dry - it was Stefano that threw in the towel, so to speak - our cow made the trip back to Croydon Currys. He likens asking advice in-store like turning on a kitchen light at night in a dirty kitchen. “The cockroaches scattered in every direction but mine.”

And the eventual advice in-store? “The cashback expired after 60 days. This is day 63.”

Yes - I know - he did mention the e-mail correspondence but “we have no record of that”.

“Sir”, said the friendly man behind the till. “You should have noticed that the help email has an .ie address. That's Ireland! How can you correspond with people outside of this country for something you purchased inside of this country?”

Yes, we know. Our old cow is indeed an idiot. Spending all this time to claim £85 back is just stupid. He could have spent his time writing consumer advice, which - ironically - is what he does for a living.