It's only words - the power of a strong quote

“My parents never made me believe I was doing anything unusual for a girl, I was never defined by my gender...”

Sometimes one quote can mean the difference between an average and a great story. Like the above words by Susie Wolff, Williams Formula 1 test driver. Susie is the only woman in the world capable of gracing the cover of a glamour magazine and slipping into the cockpit of a Formula 1 racing car with much the same and ease.   

One of our cows interviewed her on behalf of an inflight magazine planning to run a feature in July about the first woman in more than two decades to take to a Formula 1 racetrack. 

As a regular Formula 1 writer, our cow reveals it’s never easy to write specialised racing copy and keep it universal enough to appeal to an audience as broad as the passengers that may occupy the seats on an aircraft. 

“We discussed Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone’s plans to introduce a separate formula for woman racers and Susie revealed that she’s actually not in favour of the plans mooted by the F1 supremo," explains our fast car enthusiast cow. "First she makes a few logical arguments against it and then backs it up with a quote that appeals to the emotions - it fuels the story (pun intended).”

Susie Wolff wants to race wheel to wheel with men as an equal. While some of her critics might say she’s on a crusade to prove that women can beat men on a racetrack, Wolff has a different view. “I race for me. I’m not on a crusade to show what a woman can do. I’m on a crusade for Susie Wolff because I love racing.” Now, how's that for a powerful quote?

The F1 gurus may concur that Wolff still has a long way to go before she will be offered a race seat - which our cow in the know assures us is next to impossible given the current quality of the talent on the F1 circuit - but with this attitude the lady from Oban on the Western Highlands of Scotland is already a great ambassador and role model for women in sport. And it is the power of the quote that will help get her voice heard...

We’re looking forward to the story appearing in print soon.