When cows fly - give them pre-paid plastic

While cows don’t really jump over the moon as they are supposed to in the “Hey Diddle Diddle" English nursery rhyme, our cows do tend to travel more than most. We like to call it roaming (not the mobile provider kind). One of our resident moo’s has probably contributed to the dent in the ozone by flying off to far flung destinations to write travel guides and the like.

This globetrotter (pun intended) can easily tell you where to find a tailor in Bujumbura or a good meal in Senegal. But alas, he is not a cash-savvy traveller. The bank charges he has racked up by withdrawing a small bundle of cash with his credit card (and he wasn’t even on his way to Greece) convinced us to send him off to the recent PayExpo2015 at the London ExCel Exhibition Centre to track down Emily Baum, business development director at PrePay Solutions.

As penance for this troubles with the T&E account we asked him to write a short piece on pre-paid travel cards for comparison website CompareAndSave.com. He did a pretty job largely because Emily did a pretty good job of convincing him of the various benefits of the pre-paid travel card - or as he refers to it - the FX card.

Indeed he has already ordered his pre-paid card to avoid paying exorbitant fees on his next expedition - fly-fishing on Lake Tanganyika. It’s ok for some. If only he wrote this article six months ago his expenses claim could have been much more acceptable.

If you travel more than once a year, it’s worth giving his piece a read – more here. Hey diddle, diddle – the future, it seems is FX.