Piet during a recent pit stop in Dubrovnik.

Piet during a recent pit stop in Dubrovnik.

Piet van NiekerK

As content director at Content Cows in the UK, Piet van Niekerk is a veteran journalist who has morphed with the times into a seasoned multi-media content creator. Starting out at writing news and politics to editing and proof reading copy for print and online platforms, Piet also lectured journalism, worked for corporate clients in content marketing, media management and as a broadcast commentator. His experience span newspapers, magazines, radio news, digital and e-newsletter content management and design, copy flow management and print production.

As travel writer he has visited six of the seven continents, writing for more than two dozen magazines, online platforms, as well as text for radio and television productions.

He considers himself to be a beer connoisseur and never drinks water, like other cows.


Werner Hoffmann

Based in Budapest, Werner travels to all corners of the world on multi-media photo and video assignments, whether this be the latest fashion trends in California for hight street clothing stores in the UK or hidden treasures in exotic locations for BBC Travel.

With 30 years experience Werner was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but grew up in the photogenic country of Namibia where he was given his first camera as a toddler. This love for photography never stopped, graduating with distinction as a student specialising in video production.

Having worked as a freelancer all his life, Werner is the most creative cow in our herd, working as photographer, Director of Photography (DOP) and lighting cameraman.

He is also a keen drone pilot having almost lost his drone in a crater in Iceland recently.